More Horse Training Tips – The best way to Load and Unload Your Horse Into a Trailer

images-14Just like everything else, when it comes to training you horse to have into and out of a trailer, the important thing things to remember are patience, repetition and reward. Below are a few quite simple horse training guidelines for trailer loading and unloading:
1. Bring your horse the area around the trailer. Let him look inside and take a look at it outside. If your horse remains calm, give him some words of praise and move regarding the next step. If he does not stand calmly along side the trailer, keep doing this until you could possibly get him to face calmly.
2. Next, put him on a lunge line, and walk him around close to the opening of the trailer. Practice making him walk and stop, by using the same words as when you are ground training. “Walkandwhoaor whatever cues you use. Reward your horse every time he follows your commands.
3. Lead your horse into the entrance considering the trailer. Ask him to walk directly into trailer. Guide him, but do not walk in advance of him. Stay into the side because you have the ability to could easily get hurt. If the man is still calm at this point, gently back him away from the trailer. If you do in fact cannot get him simply to walk straight into the trailer by himself, keep trying. Remember, an integral horse training tip is patience! He may get into a number of steps, then back out again. That’s okay. Just let him do it right and try again. Make sure you reward whenever he follows your instructions.
4. Practice entering into, staying inside for a couple seconds, and after that backing out. It’s possible to gradually up the time included in the trailer to some minutes for a stretch.

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