Natural Horse Training Tips – What should be done When your Horse is Alarmed by Water

images-15Horses which have a fear of water is quite a typical problem. In young horses, it is often understandable in the event that they still haven’t had any encounters with water before. For older horses, worry might own been caused by poor fall near a river or lake. Here are a few practical natural horse training tricks to help overcome your horse’s fear of water:
1. Horses cannot see directly below them. It might serve to loosen the reins, give him his head as well as let him buy the good look at what you’re asking him to cross. Up to this point, it is often assumed that there is enough mutual trust between you and your horse, so that he believes you wouldn t call for to carry out anything else that would harm him.
2. If you happen to be utilizing a group of riders, let another who has already been there horse cross first. Horses are herd animals, and typically follow the leader. If you happen to be riding alone, you could possibly consider getting off and leading him along the water. If he trusts you and sees you connecting to the water, he will go in in case you.
3. Before riding in the water, it is advisable to train him to go over safe but unfamiliar objects on the surface, such as blankets, pieces of tarpaulin or rubber mats. Let him look them over carefully, then lead him across. If the person is confident being led across, try mounting up and riding him across. This way you can gradually build his trust that you can not let him step anywhere unsafe.
4. It is a good idea to try making puddles on the ground, if possible, and letting him cross through higher puddles. Always give encouraging pats and words of praise to let him know he’s doing a good job.
Invariably, patience is the main piece of natural horse training!

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