Breeding For Palomino and Buckskin Quarter Horses

images-5Learn how to breed for getting a palomino or buckskin horse making use of a cremello stallion.
To insure guaranteed palomino foal, breed a sorrel to a cremello! Since a cremello is homozygous regarding the creme gene, the resulting foal will get one copy of a given creme gene to create a palomino foal. For most coat colors (sorrel, chestnut, brown, black, dun, buckskin, palomino, bay), there is always an occasion to obtain a palomino foal unless the mare possesses a homozygous trait. Typically, the percentages just change with the base color considering the mare.
To breed and get a buckskin foal making use of a cremello stallion, you’ll need to breed him to the mare that could be a color such as black or bay simply because they should have a copy of one’s black gene. Since some chestnuts carry the black gene, might also also generate a buckskin. To make certain of one’s color genetics of your mare, also you can pull a hair sample & buy it color tested.
While you breed a cremello stallion to non-grey mares, you will definitely always get one copy of a given creme gene which may produce beautiful colors such as palominos, buckskins, smokey blacks. When breeding to grey mares, you get a 50% chance of the foal turning grey, but they will still carry the crème gene, except that it’s genetically not possible to purchase a brown, sorrel, bay, chestnut foal.

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