My Dream Horse Skeeter

reminic_in_spots_nov2010His ears perked up when he heard the jangle of his halter coming towards his newly painted barn. He whirled as well as trotted to the gate giving a soft low nicker. He nuzzled up against me, his soft pointed whiskers tickled my arm while he continued down to practically my hand to make sure I’d a juicy carrot waiting for him. After consuming his delicious orange treat he lowered his small quarter horse head aiming to stand still with excitement almost like he knew the faster I have his halter on, the previous he could be going somewhere fun.
His registered Paint name wasTonto’s Golden C Bar“, but I just called himSkeeterin short. We headed for your horse trailer at a brisk walk. His spirited prance by the brightness of one’s late afternoon sun showed off his shiny brown and white muscular body. Just as we got in close proximity to the horse trailer I continued to explain to them we had significant task in advance of us. Against my better judgment I’d volunteered to carry the American Flag regarding the Wranglers Color Guard on horseback regarding the start of the rodeo and of course the parade within my hometown. One of the many young individuals who usually rode could hardly ride. Without a fourth rider the Color Guard has got to be cancelled.
I arrived early to the rodeo arena for practice whereby a small leather pouch was strapped towards the side considering the stirrup for my saddle. The thought was to include the flagpole inside the pouch and hopefully stop my flag. Finally it was suggested I practice holding the huge flag inside the soft sand first. Did they know something I didn’t?
The flag was incorporated into within a wrapped position. As the colorful flag commenced to unravel, my horseSkeeterjumped sideways a number of yards. I took a tighter your hands on my leather reins and regained my seat in the saddle, forcefully whirling him around to face our task. I can feel the strength in his thousand pound body as the boy started tremble and point his ears forward to noticeably examine what he thought was theBoogie-Man“. His powerful frame forced us straight into the air keeping one quick jump had us headed in the direction of home. Some more sideways leaps, a large amount of support and enough snorting to clean up out his nostrils, he finally listened to my concerned voice, “Easy Skeeter, Easy!” Hearing his riders trusted voice he started to settle down and in short order puzzled out the stick object that had something connected to it isn’t going to hurt him. Inside the hour the long pole holding the flag sat in a correct position pointing up in the direction of darkening sky. We have been on your way. After learning different commands, Skeeter and I were turning and walking in an almost straight row along side the other three riders holding their large flags.
You always see this stuff in the media but ya never provide it much thought as to the way sufficient time and practice people donate to train for the event like this. After our practice was over, an abrupt urge visited me and I asked Sharon, our group leader, in the event i could gallop all around the arena given on my horse Skeeter holding the flag. A simple answer ofyescaused goosebumps on my arm. Here was my big moment! I had created always sat toward the sidelines at the beginning of a rodeo and watched a pretty cowgirl on any fast horse carrying our proud flag at a dead run. Now within only a couple of seconds a dream that in fact i had since I was obviously a little girl was to become real!
I took a tight hold of my leather reins, pushing the flagpole down snugly and leaned forward within my saddle. Skeeter sensed the joy, he could probably feel my heart pumping fast. When i started around your arena the echoing voices of my city friends advice entered into my mind, “Your too old to ride, should you get hurt your bone will never mend!”
My fear quickly left as the summer night air felt cool for my face as Skeeter started around the circular arena. I asked him and get a slow start, but Skeeter had two speeds, walk and run. His powerful determination had us within a dead run in only seconds. I could hear his strong hooves puking up large chunks of moist dirt hitting the side of one’s metal arena. The wind had lifted my soft curls that are caused by the back of my cowgirl hat and then i could identify my hair blowing behind me among the desert summer air. Our proud flag loudly whipped its colors underneath of the bright arena lights because we rounded each corner of the big arena by using a perfect turn not losing a beat. I suddenly felt a powerful urge to scream out something into the night air. When we continued at a rough gallop I shouted in a loud and emotional tone, “LOOK AT ME NOW, MA!”
Words cannot explain or compared to outline the sensation of those toys few moments. I had become experiencing something I had would never think possible. Why had I never asked to do this before? There wasn’t an audience, I wasn’t on the telly and no one probably even noticed, but for me I possibly could think about the grandstands utilizing a large roaring crowd and could feel the goosebumps at my chilled arms as our proud flag whipped inside the wind as Skeeter continued his hard gallop many times around the empty arena.
That was perhaps one of the last times Skeeter and I shared a large experience together. Like the majority of people we never take the time to complete things we love or think about because our busy lifestyles jump in the same way as of doing things which truly make us happy.

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